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The chances of finding a pot of gold at the end of litigation is  as likely as finding one at this end of this rainbow.

Check out your options for settling disputes below:

We are unaffiliated attorneys dedicated to resolving disputes quickly-- outside of the courthouse.

Sherrie R. Abney

Carrollton, Texas


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Dallas, Texas


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Dallas, Texas

Over 95% of all cases filed with the courts settle before going to trial. Many settle on the courthouse steps after months, sometimes years, of the parties paying for experts, depositions, pre-trial hearings, and paying attorneys to answer mandatory written questions and delivering evidence that is demanded by the opposing parties. Some parties find that the time spent at the courthouse, away from occupations, affects their ability to pay their legal expenses.

 Good News! There are a number of alternatives to litigation for people who prefer to resolve disputes quickly and privately. We believe that clients should have the opportunity to settle before they are charged with extraordinary legal expenses. To find out about options to litigation, click on one of the topics on the left--


   Interest Based Negotiation                      Convener Services

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