Positional and Interest Based Mediation: We mediate cases involved in both litigation and interest based settlement procedures. We adjust our methods and approaches to the personalities of the participants and the subject matter of the dispute.

         Convener Services: Determining mutually convenient dates, times, and places for meetings can be time consuming and difficult. Let one of us bring the parties together for you.



Our Services consist of ---

Advocacy in Adversarial Proceedings: We work alone or as a team to assist parties in disputes. Some of us still go to the courthouse. Some of us limit our representation to negotiation and settlement. If it becomes necessary to go to the courthouse, those of us who no longer do litigation refer clients to litigators who have litigation expertise in the areas of the law concerning the disputes. These options are thoroughly discussed with prospective clients prior to any of us accepting employment.

                Clients are best served by settling their disputes.


                                          We focus our services on managing conflict and settlement.

More About What We believe---

Interest based dispute resolution processes should be the first options for resolution--- the courthouse should be the last resort. Clients should be fully informed regarding all settlement options available to resolve their problems.

Parties should have an active part in all decision making relating to the terms of their settlements.

Proceeding honestly and in good faith allows parties to reach agreements faster, saving them time, money and stress.

         Arbitration: At times the parties are not able to reach a decision, and a third party must decide the issues. We can serve alone or as a member of the arbitration panel deciding the issues. We also represent clients and act as advocates for parties who choose arbitration.



         Neutral Facilitation: The parties may need a neutral facilitator to keep their meeting on track and ensure that things donít bog down. We can facilitate progress and be sure that meetings are not a waste of time.

         Settlement Conferences: Packages of services are designed to meet your needs. A package may include two or more of our services beginning with convening the meeting to drafting the final settlement agreement.

Other Services: Ad Litem Services, Parenting Coordinator, Nuptial Agreements, Probate, Wills, Trusts, Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions, Formation of Business Entities, Preparation of Legal Documents, Construction, Employment Issues, and Insurance Matters.

          Collaborative Law: We represent clients in the collaborative process in all areas of the law. Collaborative Law has received positive results throughout the country in family law disputes, and the collaborative process is now spreading to other areas of civil law.

          Cooperative Law: Cooperative Law is very similar to Collaborative Law.  Many times we are able to work with litigation lawyers in a cooperative manner to settle cases that begin adversarially but can end cooperatively.

         Ombuds: Large companies have Human Resource Departments with ombuds that employees are able to confide in about work place problems without fear of reprisal. Many small companies do not have this luxury. Retain us to act as liaison between you and your employees.

         Two Track: We advocate for our clients while settlement options are explored. Parties designate a litigation lawyer at the onset of this process. Should the dispute not settle, the litigation lawyer takes over and proceeds to trial.