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You can Hammer them with Litigation, but Litigation is only One Tool.

When your only tool is a hammer, All of your problems better be nails!

We have a box full of settlement tools Let us help you select the best one for your situation.

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Settlement conferences work for most disputes and contract negotiations.

Possibilities can include the following:


Sales Contract Negotiation

Patent and Copyright Infringement

Pre and Postnuptial Agreements

Real Estate Partitions


Divorce and Family Disputes

Employment Contract Negotiations

Buy sell Agreements

Employer/employee Disputes

Same Sex “Divorce”

Company Buy Outs

Contested Wills

Product Liability

Personal Injury

Breach of Contract


International Negotiations

Lease and Rental Negotiations

Mergers and Acquisitions

Landlord/tenant Disputes

Construction Contracts

Partnership Dissolutions

Grandparent Visitation and Access

Conflict Due to Medical Error

Elder Care

Child custody and Support

Developer,/Builder/Subcontractor Disputes

Patient Safety

Business Formations

Malpractice Claims

Fee Disputes

Sports & Entertainment Contract Negotiations & Disputes

    One of the first interactions people experience is the attempt to manage conflict. The crying baby wants to be held, but the parent needs to do something else. Since babies are severely lacking in two way communication skills, the parents, not wanting to see the baby unhappy, give in and hold the baby.

    As the child grows the “settlement conferences” change. The parent now must settle disputes that involve the possession of toys or whether or not dessert is available when vegetables are still on the plate. Then the real challenge begins, the child becomes a teen and masters two way communication. Now conflict management may take the form of negotiations regarding curfew hours. These interactions, however brief or extended, are interactions intended to “settle” a dispute or to create terms and boundaries to regulate human behaviors so that people are able to coexist.

    Whether settlement conferences are used to settle disputes between children or world powers, they are basically attempts to manage conflict. The type of settlement conference necessary to resolve a particular conflict will depend on a number of factors including the:

    status, wealth and influence of the parties to the dispute;

    nature of the facts regarding the subject matter of the dispute;

    impact the dispute has on the community, work place, family or friends;

    willingness of parties to disclose the information needed to reach settlement;

    willingness and ability of the parties to honestly participate in the process; and

    whether the parties desire to maintain an ongoing relationship with each other.